About Jet Wing, LLC.

A Word from Dan Griffin, Jet Wing Inventor

I have been boating since I was twelve years old and I love to fish, either freshwater or saltwater. Being raised in the south meant that I was surrounded by fantastic waters which was a big part of my upbringing right up until I joined the Army. Then in 1978 I met my wife Dolly and we both served in the United States Army. When I was discharged in 1987 we moved to Bloomsburg, PA on the Susquehanna River and we discovered that it was a great place to boat and fish! I owned two jet drive boats and with each one the wheels started turning on how I could improve control of the boat. It was something I lost a lot of sleep over and while lying in bed one night around 4:30 am thinking about my next trip out on the river the idea had finally come to me. I KNEW the design and where to make the mount. I had been playing with another design but this one made so much more sense. I got up right then and there and went to work. I made it with materials I had put on my boat and took it out for a test run and it worked well the first time out. I continued to test the product and got consistent results, I HAD it! I know you will have the same success that I have had. I am sure you will agree with so many happy customers that tell me time and time again that the JET WING has changed their steering control and made operation of their boats easier and more productive. Time is no longer wasted trying to maneuver your boat leaving more time for the important things-like more fishing! Happily, I can also report that boat rescue teams are also reporting how impressed they are while using the JET WING.

I am now pleased to announce the next chapter in the JET WING story. I have decided to sell JET WING and work as a sales rep while helping the new owners, Brian and Jennifer Eisenhauer grow this business to allow more people to enjoy the improved handling of their boats. I have every confidence in the vision and drive they have for this company that I am so passionate about, and I am looking forward to being part of the future of JetWing.

Happy boating and be safe.

Dan Griffin - Jet Wing Inventor

Customer Testimonials

Lance Dunham - Susquehanna Fishing Guide, Outddor Writer, &
JetWing Pro Staffer

We not only have very low water now which has made for some tricky river navigating but we also have had some cool nights which has knocked down most of the algae bloom making the river clear. Now when you’re going 40mph in four inches of water you don’t always like to look down and see clearly the river rocks that could just ruin your whole day in a split second! … [read more]

Kay & Ernie Normandin - Berwick, PA

Kay has her own boat with a Jet Drive. Now that she has a "Jet Wing " she finds it much easer to dock and load the boat. Thanks!

Robert Brymus - Bobs Bugs & Rod Repair

"My name is Robert Brymus. I am the owner of Bobs Bugs & Rod Repair. I have had 4 jet driven boats from 1984 to present. I have always had problems steering at low speeds until now. The "Jet Wing" has changed the performance of steering at least 90 to 95%. The handling of the boat at slow speed is incredible. Thank you "Jet Wing" for making this possible."

Jack Ridings - NightVentures Bowfishing Charters - Lancaster, PA

"My name is Jack Ridings from Lancaster,Pa. Owner of NightVentures Bowfishing Charters. Never heard of Jet Wing before until Brian of timbertall treestands called and hooked me up with Dan of Jet Wing . He came down personally to measure and install a unit , since I have a Rock Proof Intake special cuts had to be made. Took it out on the Susquehanna River to see what it does, well, let me tell ya slow speeds it's full control turning … [read more]

Ken Maurer -
PA licensed fishing guide
Owner of Southside Sports Bait & Tackle
Outdoor columnist for Sunbury Daily Item

The Jetwing definitely improves the performance of jet outboards. Slow speed control is much better, you can keep the boat going in a straight line much easier. Loading onto the trailer, the extra control helps. One thing that I noticed with my rig is that I feel I have better turning capabilities on plane. Anything that helps maneuverability when dodging rocks and running obstacles is a major plus in my book.

Mike Hinkel - NJ

"There was no way I was going to catch this Lake Ontario, 20 pound, 6 ounce Altlantic Salmon without the Jet Wing. I was totally impressed by it's ability to control my boat at 2.0-3.5 mph trolling speeds. Awesome product!!"

Doug Housenick - Danville, PA

I have known Dan Griffin for about 3 years. As a matter of fact, the boat you see when he is demonstrating the Jet Wing used to be mine. Dan and I met about five years ago at a boat launch where I was having an awful time getting my boat on the trailor. Dan offered to help me but being a stubborn fisherman I declined his offer. After minutes of frustration and failure, I gave in and went back to Dan for help. With his help the boat was on the trailor in no time. Two years later poor health forced me to sell the boat. [Read More]

Tony Wojchehoski - Selinsgrove, PA

I tried it out and am happy to announce that this thing seems to work real well. I didn't have time to really test it out but the little I did, it works like a dream.. I have the 60/40 mercy jet and I went up river full bore and turned the tiller loose and she stayed as straight as could be and then I slowed it down and was very pleased to find that I can actually steer my boat onto the trailer almost like a prop motor.. so it seems like you've got something here..

The Bloomsburg Fire Department Water Rescue Team

The Bloomsburg Fire Department Water Rescue Team gives the Jet Wing a thumbs up on their 150 hp Evenrude.

Bruce Ulrich - Middleburg
Owner - TimberTall Industries

I really liked the Jetwing. I could not believe how the boat ran slow without hardly any steering of the boat. Also how it went right on the trailer. I also found that at high speed the Jetwing helped turn the boat better, holding the boat firm in the turn.

Chris & Randy Parker - Bloomsburg

My son and I are very happy with the performance of the boat after installing the Jet Wing. Randy, who has lost his legs and is considered legally blind, can now drive the boat onto the trailer for me with ease. Without the Jet Wing, he had to do several attempts. We recommend the Jet Wing for anyone with a Jet Drive to give better steering control of their boat.