Testimonial - Continued

Lance Dunham - Susquehanna Fishing Guide

And on the other end of the speed spectrum when you need to go very slow such as driving your jet boat on the trailer in a very low and tight water situation you want all the boat control you can get. Anything you can do to accomplish better boat control you will do when you need to be on the river every day. So, this is what I told Alan Coy of Snake Creek Marine when I stopped in for a chat last month. He brought out to me this new product called a Jet Wing. It goes on the lower unit of your outboard jet motor with the existing bolts that are already there. It was made out of a heavy plastic and had a price tag of around a hundred bucks. “I don’t know Alan, I think my 115HP Mercury Optimax motor will snap that plastic on a sharp corner turn”. Alan told me that it has a good warranty and maybe this is what I’ve been asking for. “Put it on, I’ll take it” I said with some concern in my voice. Alan had never steered me wrong before and this new Jet Wing product claimed to do what I was looking for so I was anxious to try it out. The next day I was out on the river and I could notice the difference it made in my ability to slowly steer the boat on the trailer. On high speed turns I could turn sharper corners and even though the manufacture doesn’t claim it, I could swear that it got me up on plane quicker. I was the happiest boater on the river and then it happened. When I checked it out at the end of the day it was cracked on the port (left) side. I was really disappointed and took it off the motor. I knew I didn’t hit a rock or anything like that so it had to be the stress the motor put on it when I took that extreme 40mph turn testing it out. Now who in their right mind would take a corner at 40mph in a boat! Yep, that would be me on a test run seeing how far the boat would skid sideways and folks, please don’t try that on your home waters, after all these years I knew that there wasn’t a shallow rock in the area I was in and the river was dead calm with no waves so there was no risk in flipping the boat. As soon as I got back home, I contacted Dan Griffin, the inventor of the Jet Wing who lives down around Bloomsburg Pa. I was expecting the usual “we don’t warrant the use of our product on a commercial basis”. This is what manufacturers always seem to say to guides because they know we are on the water more hours in one week than the weekend boater is all season and the risk of breaking their product is magnified ten times over. Instead I was greeted with a polite southern mans voice that asked if he could help me. I told Dan my name and what I do for a living and instead of the usual run around about commercial use, he even offered to come up to New Albany and install another one! I thanked him and told him that wouldn’t be necessary and instead sent him the broken Jet Wing. He called me as soon as he got it and put a new one in the mail the next day. He couldn’t find where I hit anything either and until now didn’t know about the test run. It took me about ten minutes to install the unit and for the last three weeks it has been working great everyday under normal guide wear and tear which is more than most boats go through. And I promise folks, no more 40mph turns, you’re safe with me.